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Second Graders Back in Action!


Second Graders continued their practice of expressing their opinion through persuasive writing. This week Second Graders chose a book they are familiar with and nominated it for an award of their choosing. Second Graders have been gathering examples from their books to back up their reasons for each nomination.

Social Studies

Scholars took their first steps towards our big project of Cooper Village this week! For Cooper Village, scholars will need to build homes that can withstand specific natural disasters; such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and fires. Scholars used their computers to research what causes these natural disasters as well as the best procedures to stay protected from them. 

Hurricane: A Novel: Trueman, Terry: 9780060000189: Books

Read Aloud

We have started reading Hurricane by Terry Trueman this week! Based on Hurricane Mitch, which took place in Honduras in 1998, this book tells the powerful story of a young boy’s mixed feelings of fear in courage when faced with a great force of nature. With this book Second Graders will get an insight to what devastations a hurricane is truly capable of.

Important Dates:

January 17th- MLK Day (No School)