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Second Graders Present Cooper Village!

Cooper Village Presentation

Second Graders began the week by rehearsing for their presentation. They practiced reading theirCV 1 portion of the presentation individually, with partners, and in groups. Students gave constructive feedback to their peers by encouraging them to speak loud and proud or to add more expression. Second Graders practiced making eye contact and reading slowly so the audience could understand the information being presented. On Thursday, their creativity shined brightly as the talented scholars presented Cooper Village with pride, confidence, and poise.



Second Grades have been reading about weather and climate. This nonfiction study encourages students to think like scientists through questioning and analysis of high-quality text. The big idea is the essential connection upon weather and climate, especially how weather shapes our lives, including what we do to reduce weather’s negative effects. These brave scholars have been demonstrating their ability to use evidence from the text to form valid arguments and make claims based on inferences.


One Word Resolutions

This week Second Graders revisited their “One Word” resolutions that they made in January. Students reflected on their chosen word and how it has encouraged them to meet individual goals during the months of January and February. Several students shared moments when their “One Word” encouraged them to make good decisions or complete tasks that seemed challenging.

Important Dates:

Monday, March 7th                            ½ Day – Student Conferences

Tuesday, March 8th                          ½ Day – Student Conferences

Thursday, March 17th                      Study Trip – JICP Climbing Wall