The Cooper School Daily

Second Week in Second Grade!

Meeting Our Class Pet

This week Second Graders had the opportunity to welcome our new class pet, a leopard gecko. As a class we voted on different names for our new friend and finally agreed on the name Henry. We spent some time learning about Henry’s environment and what he needs to live comfortably in his new home. Second Graders have enjoyed spending time with Henry and are looking forward to having individual opportunities to hold and feed him. 


Second Graders came in this week ready to write! We started the week with writing about different personal experiences everyone has had in their lives. Second Graders each received a Tiny Topic Notebook to encourage their brainstorming for future writing projects. Scholars were eager to get as many ideas in their notebooks as they could.


This week in Second Grade scholars are exploring the Balance, Force, and Motion unit. Second Graders experimented with various materials such as clothes pins, popsicle sticks, and wires in an attempt to balance both pencils and cardstock shapes. Scholars expanded their thinking when they were challenged to find different strategies to make the objects balance on their own. 

Important Dates:

  • September 6 – No School, Labor Day