The Cooper School Daily


“A good mentor hopes you will move on. A great mentor knows you will.”
-Ted Lasso

We started self-assessments this week. To be honest, processing meaningful reflection is not just the responsibility of the students, but a lot of the responsibility load is on us, the teachers. It’s only natural to self-assess myself this month, since we are focusing and reflecting on how we have grown and how much we have learned up to this point this school year. As Riley, Ev and I guide your students through their reflection process, we will try our best to make it a process of growth, deep-thought, improvement, and celebration. Mentors in my life who have guided my growth without judgment are the people who have made me a better version of myself. I hope to pass on that opportunity to your kids. When they DO move on, I hope that I never think of them as a stranger.

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science:
Sixth Graders are knee deep into their biomimicry projects. Everyone has completed their nature inspiration background research and has started on their models. Just like the National Parks projects, each model is so unique and creative. They learned about the importance of pollinators, specifically bees, and ways we can help protect them. Lastly, during our lesson on biodiversity and evolution, we had a discussion about whether humans are at the top of the evolutionary tree of life or if we are just a part of it. What do you think?

What’s up in Math?
Mathematicians are soaring through their Equation unit. We have created stories from expressions, equations from stories, and reasoned with the meaning of the answer. Students are becoming more comfortable with variables, we practiced using area to represent multiplication of a known value and an unknown value. We even began looking at exponents this week. Students created physical models of cubes to represent and understand “perfect cube” and “perfect square”. This unit is rather lengthy so our mid-unit assessment will take place in a few weeks. Understanding equations is a huge foundation for next year and Algebra 1!

What’s happening in ELA?
The Sixth Graders have been very busy this week. They have identified topics for their argumentative essays: Should Homework Be Banned; Has the Internet Negatively or Positively Impacted Society; Do Video Games Cause Violence; How Healthy is Fast Food; Is Police Training Needed in the US; Electric Cars vs Gas Cars. Your children have found articles on their topics and identified the pros and cons of their topics. Each Sixth Grader has been assigned an angle to defend (for or against) and will now write their thesis statements and begin their work on their argumentative essay. This will permit them to continue honing their writing and grammar skills, working on in-text citations, and developing a reference page. This is not an individual project, but a group project in which they are learning to argue with a measure of diplomacy and sophistication.

Important Dates:
February 21-22- February Break
February 23- Middle School Student Social (3pm-4pm)