The Cooper School Daily

Self-Assessment Conferences Transpired!

Self-assessments occurred this week, they went exceptionally well and the students truly showcased the various topics and skills they have learned this year. Thank you to all who could be here with your student to see their tremendous presentations. If you did not get the chance to swing by the Science Fair on the way in or out, you missed out! The Science Fair projects exceeded all anticipation, with all of them really showing the amount of thought and effort that the students put into them. They began working on “Spread the Word” this week and that will be happening at the end of this month!

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Fifth graders took a brain break on Wednesday for a good ol’ fashion…air trolley race!?! That’s right, each contestant was able to construct an air trolley and see what methods would help them win the “Air Trolley Track Race!” It was a stiff competition, but Hayes and Porter took first place.
Thursday, they started their new unit about the sun, stars and the solar system. They learned about the difference between the terrestrial planets and the gas giants. The fifth graders choose a planet or satellite in our solar system to research and create a travel brochure to present their information. They will be in this astronomy unit for the next month.

What’s up in ELA?

Your students are currently working on their pieces for the “Spread the Word” event that will be taking place on the afternoon of March 28th at the Charleston Museum. Please RSVP as there is limited seating. We would like for your students to dress nicely. Secondly, your students are also working on a final writing project. We should conclude the writing project by March 17th.

What’s going on in Math?

Fifth graders are practicing creating equivalent fractions. We are discussing multiple strategies and trying to pick the “smartest” one before we begin working. Students are practicing their multiplication facts while creating equivalent fractions. They will soon be adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators in their sleep!!

What’s happening in Social Studies?
Fifth graders practiced their researching skills as they were assigned a specific European country to dive deep into. Students were given a variety of questions to learn about life in that country and then were asked to present their findings in a slide show. Students then began to take a look into Eurasia by creating vocabulary lists and comic strips.

Next week, the students will be looking into the Soviet Union and Northern Eurasia through timelines and readings. Students will then be asked to complete a jigsaw activity that looks into the work life and challenges in that part of the world today.

Important Dates:

March 28 – Spread the Word (11:30 Dismissal)