The Cooper School Daily


4th Graders Are Self-Regulators!

Our students have been acclimating to their surroundings everyday and becoming more aware of how to self-regulate their emotions, body movements and behaviors. We have been practicing breathing techniques, such as the Triangle Breath, to calm the mind and body. Our self regulators find this technique most helpful during transitions from outside to inside, when they need to refocus their attention on a new activity. Please ask your child to demonstrate one of our breathing techniques. 

It’s Electric!

As our 4th Grade scientists migrated from magnetism to electricity, they were charged up while experimenting with D-cell batteries, wire cords and lightbulbs! It was inspiring to watch our students launch into wiring up a cell and a small lightbulb. 4th Graders worked in small groups and had to figure out how both wires and a battery could connect to light up the small bulb. Students identified positive and negative currents from the battery, through the two wires and finally to the bulb. This activity encouraged students to work together and to use their science materials cautiously. Please ask your child how they were able to light a lightbulb. 

Character Development! 

4th Grade students are devoted to reading and have been diving into the complexities of character development. Students are discovering that the lead characters in their books have something they need or want but are up against specific problems, which prevent them from achieving their goals. Scholars began discussing these obstacles, to help understand the ebb and flow of a story. Please ask your child about the significance of character development. 

Important Dates: 

Tuesday, 9/24 2nd-5th Curriculum Night 5:30pm-6:30pm