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Sensational Student-Led Conferences!

Purposeful Movement 

This week, Fourth Graders started Purposeful Movement with Coach Lizl and Coach Savannah. One of the amazing benefits to this program at TCS is that our class not only participates in physical fitness activities but they are introduced to the main functions of the brain and how their bodies respond to unique situations in life. Ultimately, the theme behind each Purposeful Movement session is directly related to the first part of the information session with Coach Lizl. Students learned about survival skills from the early times of the hunter and gatherer, and how the Amygdala is responsible for alerting the brain of any immediate dangers. 4th Graders ran laps to warm up and then jumped into an obstacle course, which involved carrying different weighted bags of sand, buckets full of timber, throwing a rubber javelin and demonstrated their archery skills with a soft tipped bow and arrow. Please ask your child about a highlight from Purposeful Movement. 

Student-Led Conferences

This week, Fourth Grade scholars had a spectacular time showcasing their fantastic Self-Assessments to their parents during Student-Led Conferences. It was priceless to watch each child present their work with pride, passion, positive energy, and focus. One of the highlights from the conferences were the Math Boxes where parents were challenged to solve math problems created by their child. This activity provided cherishable moments that we will always remember. After the conferences, students reflected upon their experience and remarked how good it felt to show their progress to their parents. Please ask your child about one thing they were particularly excited to share with you. 

The Radiant Sun 

Scientists have had a busy Sun filled week in Fourth Grade! Scholars perfected their knowledge of Cardinal Directions, and tracked the Sun’s position over the day. When thinking about what makes the Sun move, students pointed out that planet Earth spins like a top and that the Earth is moving. Our class ventured outside on a sunny day to track the Sun’s position in the sky and recorded data in their science journals. Science partners drew each other’s arms pointing in the direction of the Sun, starting from its position in the morning,  noon and afternoon. Please ask your child if the Sun is at its highest position at noon. 

Important Dates: 

Saturday, 3/14 Spring Planting Party

Monday-Friday, 3/23-3/27 Spring Break (No School)