The Cooper School Daily

Setting The Tone For A Great Year!

2nd_2Lunch Buddies

Second graders paired up with different classmates each day during lunch and recess. Students learned various things they have in common with each other. At the end of the day, everyone took turns sharing something they had in common with their buddy that they never knew. By taking this time to share, we learned a lot about each other.

Hopes and Dreams

The class discussed the activities and events they looked forward to this year. Together, we came up with a list of various things they hoped to accomplish this year. Students chose a goal they wished to focus on. Based on their goals, we developed our classroom rules to help make this achievable.

2nd_1Our Class Pet

Students were excited this week to meet and name our Second Grade pet. We have three Fire Belly Toads. After brainstorming some good names, the students voted and the toads will be called Hopper, Jack, and Sponge Bob. The toads enjoy eating small crickets and small mealworms. Please help a novice toad caretaker by noting the week you will feed and care for these pets.