The Cooper School Daily

Shared Experiences!

Gymnasium Time! 

This week, 4th, 3rd and 5th Graders went to the St. Andrews Gymnasium for physical education. We split the gym into sections of organized sports. One group of enthusiastic athletes played soccer while another group played basketball. A third group of students played hula hoop games and a fourth group played racing games with scooters. There was a section of the gym, which was dedicated to snack and Silent Sustained Reading. The experience of playing sports in the gym was exciting for our class. Fourth Graders learned how to play in close proximity to each group in a controlled environment. The atmosphere is one in which students can learn critical social cues that impact how they interact with others. Please ask your child about their favorite game.

Grandparents Day! 

Fourth Graders hosted a marvelous Grandparents Day for their special loved ones. The event kicked off with a wonderful choir performance by 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Our classes have been rehearsing together for many weeks to showcase their musical talents, and they put on a wonderful performance! 4th Grade students, grandparents and special guests filled our classroom to share activities set up at each table. One station was designated to creating comic strips inspired by Greek myths. Another station had a popular math game called Factor Captor, and the Interview Station allowed our students to interview their Grandparents about their life. We had a blast watching everyone interact and have fun on this special occasion. Please ask your child about their favorite memory from Grandparents Day. 


4th Grade writers began creating their Gratitude Books and were laser focused on every thoughtful detail. Students tried hard to convey their message of gratitude through their writing skills. In order to prepare for creating gratitude books, our class has been practicing S.E.L (Social, Emotional, Learning) techniques such as grounding techniques, creating a Wonder Wall, being aware of one’s environment, and participating in activities about gratitude. Students came up with meaningful ideas about people they were grateful for and things in the world they appreciated to help guide them through this assignment. Please ask your child about one thing they are grateful for. 

Important Dates:

Monday, 11/25 Harvest Feast (Half Day) 

Tuesday, 11/26 Half Day – 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday-Sunday 11/27-12/1 Thanksgiving Break