The Cooper School Daily

Sharing the Holiday Cheer!

Holiday Celebration-

Throughout the week, the whole school has been learning about winter holidays from around the world. In 5th Grade, learning about St. Lucia Day led to a great discussion on how to help people, especially around the holiday season. The class decided that one way they could give to others during the season was to send cards to those in the hospital. On Friday, 5th graders worked with first grade buddies to create holiday cards for that very reason.   

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have finished our introduction to the explorers with the book Around the World in 100 Years From Henry the Navigator to Magellan by Jean Fritz. We had an incredible discussion on Women’s Equality in relation to exploration where we made connections between the historic explorers we read about with the modern space exploration. This lead to a wonderful reading about the first all-female space walk that occurred earlier this year. 


In math this week, we started our new unit. I am so excited about Decimals and Coordinate Grids. This week everyone has been working hard to make some amazing connections from our Fraction Unit! We’ve had a blast with comparing decimals using different colors on a modified base-tens grid. 

Important Dates:

January 6th: Students’ First Day Back

January 8th: St. Andrew’s Gym 

January 16th: Field Trip to Reforge

January 22th: St. Andrew’s Gym

January 24th: Field Trip to the Dock Street Theater