The Cooper School Daily

Shining Second Graders !

Bird Study

Second Graders began studying birds this week. Our curious scholars are reading, writing, and learning about the characteristics that make a bird unique. Everything from feathers to hollow bones, students identified all the features that birds have in common. Our scholars can’t wait to learn more about birds!

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

On Wednesday Second Grade took a field trip to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. This field trip was a part of our bird study unit. Our scholars were on the hunt for birds. Second Graders spotted several types of birds through their binoculars. Scholars even spotted several alligators and turtles. This was a fun field trip to start off learning all about different types of birds!


Our Book Series Book Club unit has been going great! This week we took an in-depth look into the characters of our books and how they help us predict what can happen in a story. After making their predictions, students read to see if those predictions were right. They were so excited to discover that their predictions were correct! We ended the week with comparing the relationships of the characters in their stories to the relationships they have in their own life. It was fun to hear their thoughts and listen to the dialogue that took place during their group time. 

Important Dates:  

  • April 28th- TCS Gala
  • May 12th- Pass It On 5:00-6:30 (Trinity Hall)