The Cooper School Daily

Shining Second Graders


This week Second Graders published their nonfiction books. After weeks of writing and editing, scholars were able to share their books with Fourth Grade friends. Students read books about baking, sewing, and so much more!

Polar Biome

Second Graders were hard at work this week, wrapping up the Polar Biome and Inuit Study. Scholars put finishing touches on their igloos, snow goggles, and umiaks, along with other artifacts. Scholars did an astounding job presenting their discoveries and guiding family members to explore different artifacts. Throughout the presentation, Scholars shared facts about the polar biome and many examples of how the Inuit people and their culture has changed over the years.  

Outside Play

Second Graders have had such a busy week! Everyone is always happy to spend some time outside, playing pretend with friends and participating in whole group games such as speedball. This week Second Graders built an igloo using stools and blocks to keep cover from the wind. Scholars noticed which direction the wind was blowing and used that information to help determine where to place the door of the igloo.

Important Dates:

November 8-9: Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30 dismissal)

November 19: Harvest Festival

November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break