The Cooper School Daily

Short But Sweet Week!

Getting Ready for the Runway
Kindergarteners were excited to return to our short week to wrap up loose ends for our Biome Runway Presentation next week! Students reviewed some of their clothing designs and added finishing touches. Kindergarteners are so proud of how much they know about all of the purposes and the care of clothing! Scientists were also excited to extend all of their biome knowledge to their facts books as well as the murals they will be sharing at our presentation. We cannot wait to show off all that we have learned about the flora and fauna of the polar, desert, rainforest, and wetlands biome.

Handwriting Reflection
This week, our class spent lots of time reflecting on their growth this year in preparation for our upcoming Self-Assessment Conferences. Students analyzed a lot of their past work, and spent a lot of time looking at their own handwriting. Kindergarteners compared their handwriting from the beginning of the school year to now, and we were blown away by all of their improvements. After looking at how far they’d come, students took the opportunity to write their alphabet and compare it to a model text. Comparing the two, students circled the letters they noticed they needed to work most on to really improve their handwriting! We are so proud of all of their big kid reflections!

Important Dates:
March 3rd – Biome Fashion Show (8:30am)
March 6th & 7th – Student Led Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)
March 24th – K, 3rd, 6th Grade Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00 am)
April 3 – 10 – Spring Break (No School)