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Showing Gratitude!


Real life application of math comes up all the time in Second Grade! This week in math, students worked on “buying” items,boaz using exact change and making change. Students learned how to count up to figure out how much change they would need. Students brainstormed why these skills were important to have, and why just using a calculator isn’t the best way. Students also learned how to find the range, median, and mode. We discussed how understanding data is useful in other subject areas, such as writing and science, where students are collecting data and making conclusions about it.  


This week joyful learning was at its best. Students were exploring the way things roll down a slope by investigating different
 types of rolling systems. As the students conducted more experiments through trial and error, they begin to understand the way things roll in various situations. In the first investigation, students learned about the wheel-and-axle system. By attaching different sized wheels to an axle, they discovered that they could control the direction the system would turn as it rolled down a ramp. During the second investigation, they discovered that adding weight to one side of a rolling system can change the way and direction it rolls. Students were completely captivated by what they discovered each day. One student even shared, “I’m cups-rollinglearning so much, but it just feels like I’m playing.”      


Gratitude is a tricky concept to teach kids but one that is super important. By learning gratitude, kids become sensitive to the feelings of others, developing empathy and other life skills along the way. TCS kids were introduced to gratitude last week during Morning Meeting. Students discussed the meaning of gratitude and categorized it into people, places, and things. Second graders began discussing various things they were grateful for in school and at home. This week, the conversation shifted to different ways you can show gratitude to others. Students brainstormed several ways to say or show through their actions that they appreciate something or someone.    

Important Dates 

November 14th – 15th Half Day – Conferences 

November 22th Half Day – Harvest Feast and Concert 

November 23rd – 25th Thanksgiving Break