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Sink or Swim!


After several weeks of exciting and creative poetry centers, we are finally able to turn our attention back to tinkering!  In collaboration with our Reading and Social Studies unit of Explorers, your inventors were asked to build a ship out of the tinkering supplies this week.  The ship was required to float and be able to hold “passengers”.  Like always, before your engineers could begin construction, they had to create a design plan.  The design plan includes a list of materials needed and a diagram of what they are going to build.  Some students chose foil, craft sticks, or cork for the body of their ship.  Ask your child how they made their ship!

Photo Apr 12, 12 20 19 PMPhoto Apr 12, 12 20 24 PM


Did you ever play battleship with your friends growing up?  If you did, you may already have some master strategies for our new math game, Hidden Treasure.  This week as your mathematicians sharpened their understanding of coordinate grids and ordered pairs, they practiced through playing Hidden Treasure.  In this game, partners must “hide their treasure” on a 10 X 10 coordinate grid.  Using ordered pairs, they guess and check to try to be the first to locate their partner’s treasure!  To make this game even more advanced, your mathematicians graduated to a four-quadrant coordinate grid using negative numbers!  Ask your child to explain the rules of this game to you!

Photo Apr 11, 10 37 47 AM


Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492″.  Did you also know that Amerigo Vespucci is actually the first person to recognize that the land Columbus discovered was not actually China, but a brand new continent!  Or that Bartholomew Diaz named the “Cape of Good Hope” the “Cape of Storms”, but King John thought that name was too ominous?  Well, your scholars certainly know all of these facts and more!  This week, we wrapped up our Explorers unit with a research project.  Each students selected one explorer to research and report on.  They wrote essays, drew diagrams of ships, and outlined routes on maps.  Next week, they will create an iMovie with all of this information.  Ask your child who their explorer is!

Photo Apr 13, 1 20 50 PMPhoto Apr 13, 1 20 57 PM