The Cooper School Daily

Skillful Second Graders!

Learn to Type!

Second Graders are beginning Keyboarding Without Tears. This is a great program to help students begin the learning process of keyboarding. This will ensure key building blocks to help the students become strong and confident with their typing skills. Students work on a series of different tasks and learning strategies to move from level to level and progress through the program! Second Graders will use typing skills in many other subjects throughout the year, especially when doing research for projects!

Polar Biomes!

Second Graders have begun their first social studies unit of the year! We have begun learning about Earth’s rotation and the biomes! We started with learning about the continents and oceans, singing songs to help the students remember and understand all about them! We now have moved into learning about how the Earth rotates around the sun and how we get our seasons! Students are so excited to learn about the polar biomes!

Word Problems!

In math we are starting to investigate word problems! Students read the problem that is telling them a story and use the numbers to solve the problem. The goal is for student to create equations from reading different math problems! We are even adding and subtracting two-digit numbers within the problem! This concept builds both reading and math solving skills!

Important Dates

October 17th-18th – Fall Break (No School)
October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 1st – Teacher Workday (No School)
November 7th-8th – Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)