The Cooper School Daily

Smart Strategies!


There are some card games that are sheer luck. Then, there are those that require clever strategies. This week, your problem solvers learned a game that requires clever strategy. Factor Captor is a game where students try to rack up as many points as possible by placing their markers on a product and letting their opponent mark its factors. We learned that the best strategy is to first choose the largest prime number so that there are not as many factors for your opponent to choose. We studied the difference between prime and composite numbers through drawing arrays.

Monday Movement

Every Monday, 4th and 5th grades join together for Monday Movement. This is a teacher-led time to learn physical skills such as kicking, throwing, catching, and running. It is also a time for bonding and trusting through physical activity. This week, your athletes played the game WAH and The Human Knot. These games require immense focus and teamwork. Your athletes had a blast!

Photo_Sep_03,_12_39_21_PMClass Rules

My hope and dream this year is to learn more energizers and use at least two a day to keep my class engaged and excited about learning. What’s your hope and dream this year? This was the important work that your 5th graders did this week. These hopes and dreams helped us decide as a class what the class rules should be. The class rules are intended to provide a safe and productive environment so everyone can achieve their hopes and dreams this year. Ask your child what their hope and dream is!

Here are the class rules for this year, written by your kind children:

1. Treat other people and animals the way you want to be treated

2. Treat the materials with respect

3. One voice

4. Control your body