The Cooper School Daily

So Busy Learning and Growing in First Grade!

Water, Water, Everywhere!

This week First Grade scientists took a closer look at the water cycle! Scholars closely examined the water cycle and how it works through a water cycle mat investigation and by creating a hands-on model of the water cycle in a plastic bag. Scholars were thrilled to discover that the water cycle is a natural and continuous cycle which renews itself over and over!

Author Expert Discoveries!

First Grade friends are truly becoming experts as they spent the week learning even more about their chosen authors for their Author Expert projects! Curious scholars spent time gathering research about the life of their author during learning centers this week. Students were thrilled to make discoveries about their author including their birthday, first book written, family life, and so much more! First Grade readers closely studied their author’s writing style as they continued working on their author inspired book that they are writing during Writing Workshop. First Graders even created book reviews about one of their author’s books. Stay tuned as these scholars have so much to share during our Author Expert presentation!

My, How We Have Grown!

This week, First Grade mathematicians enjoyed a “Data Day” as they recorded their heights, compared their measurements to their heights recorded earlier this year, determined how much they grew, and created a class line plot to analyze the class’ data. Scholars were thrilled to see how much they have grown while they have been so busy in First Grade! First Graders spent time reviewing telling time on an analog clock and challenged their math partners to solve elapsed time number stories. These brave mathematicians also worked on their mental arithmetic power as they revisited calculating amounts of change from purchases using our vending machine poster. It’s been a busy week of growth, review, and partner work in First Grade math!


Important Dates

Swimming Lessons – Friday, May 18th

End of the Year Picnic- Sunday, May 20th @ Magnolia Plantation (3:30pm-5pm)

Memorial Day/No School – Thursday, May 28th

Fifth Grade Graduation/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Thursday, May 31st

Field Day/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Friday, June 1st