The Cooper School Daily

So Busy Learning & Growing!

Self-Assessment Conferences

Kindergarteners were so excited to invite parents this week to stop by our classroom and show off all of their growth this year in Kindergarten. Students walked parents through three stations: counting 100 buttons in math by groups of 10, their Just Right books, and their student portfolio. We loved getting to hear all of the areas that Kindergarteners feel they have improved the most as well as their reflections on the areas where they could continue growing. Thank you all for joining us for this very special day! We are so proud of all of the hard work of our Kinderbuddies.

Building Biomes

After several weeks of planning and researching, Kindergarteners took this week to finally put together the homes they dreamed up for their assigned biomes. Students worked in groups to problem-solve all of the elements they might need for their own buildings, what those homes should realistically look like, and the materials they would need to construct these homes. We could not believe the final product of their imaginations! Our students were proud to show off their igloo, treehouse, house on stilts and underground creations! We are so excited for our upcoming Biome Fashion Show and the opportunity to show and tell parents all about them!

Little Poets

We were so excited to finally kick off our poetry unit this week! Kindergarteners spent time analyzing poems and considering what it is that makes a poem. Students couldn’t wait to put their own writing to the test as they considered things that were most important to them. Our Kindergarteners wrote some magical poetry about pets, siblings, as well as their favorite games! We can’t wait to watch our students grow as poets and hear them read their poetry proudly at our Pass-It-On event in May!

Important Dates
March 9th – Biome Fashion Show (2:00pm)
March 13th – Magnolia Plantation Zoo and Nature Center Trip (8:30am-12pm)
March 14th – Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)
March 23rd-27th – Spring Break (No School)