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Soccer Super Stars!



Second Grade Word Wizards have been learning all about figurative language and why it is used in some types of writing. Figurative language uses images and comparisons to describe something or make it clearer. On Wednesday, students were introduced to idioms. This is a type of figurative language that doesn’t have the same literal meaning as its intended expression. Each student chose an idiom to read and interpret its meaning. After discussing the idiom with a partner. Students received another expression and acted out the literal meaning.




This week students began practicing and learning all about the fundamental skills of soccer. Second Graders partnered up and worked on basic techniques such as throwing the ball, trapping it, and passing. After practicing the proper ways of handling and passing the ball, students teamed up to play a 3v3 short-sided game. Before students could score each player had to touch the ball once, then they could shoot on the goal.



Our Second Grade scholars have learned so much about poetry! This week our poetry unit sadly came to an end. Second Graders reflected on how to read a poem for its literal meaning and for its deeper meaning. They learned to ask, as they read, “What is the poet trying to tell me?” and, “What emotion does this poem make me feel?” They also learned to pause their voices between stanzas and read punctuation carefully. These poetic readers are going to be well equipped for Pass-It-On!


Important Dates


April 4th                                 Charleston History Field Trip

April 5th                                 Make-up Picture Day

April 6th                                 JICP Climbing Wall

April 10th – April 17th             Spring Break

April 20th                               Silent Auction 5:30 – 8:30