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Social Studies, Singing and Self-Assessment Scholars!

Social Studies: Africa

5th Graders have begun another Social Studies unit on Africa. Students have been researching on iPads and using an atlas to locate geographic features, the biomes, and the 53 countries on the continent of Africa. This week students researched the indigenous Tuareg tribe and completed culture cards to identify their food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and culture.

Check out of classroom african homepage:


Valentine’s Concert

Thank you so much for joining us at The Circular Church on Wednesday for the Valentine’s Concert. Your musicians blow me away every time. The talent that is in our class is astounding. Their ability to play instruments, sing solos in front of large crowds with confidence, and harmonize with others is unmatched. You should be very proud of their efforts and accomplishments!



In preparation for the March student-led conferences, your learners have been working hard on the process of assessing their work. During conferences, each student will share with you what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what their interests are in Math, Reading, Writing, and Specials. This week, your students spent time writing out how to teach you an important math skill they have learned. They will teach you this skill during the conference. Ask your child what they do really well at school!

Important Dates

February 16th -19th – February Break

March 5th & 6th – Conferences (early dismissal)

March 8th– Silent Auction

March 30th-April 8th– Spring Break