The Cooper School Daily

Solving problems, Yanomama, and Squashing A.N.T.S.

Solving Problems

This week Kindergarteners spent Writer’s Workshop time working hard on making their writing even better.  Students have been writing about problems they see and offering fix-it ideas to make our classroom, school, and world a better place! Their pieces may look like a poster, song, list, petition, or how-to IMG_1251-2 IMG_1252-2book to convince their reader to help. Young writers collaborated with their writing partners to share, ask questions, give advice, and to check for punctuation. Partnerships took turns offering each other feedback and were great help to each other as we make our writing the best it can be!  

Investigating Diverse Cultures!

Young scientists spent time discovering the wonders and uniqueness of the Yanomama people of the Amazon Rainforest! Brave scientists took a peek at the different aspects of this traditional tribe’s culture including: clothing, food, shelter, transportation, and celebrations. Scientist enjoyed learning about this tribe’s traditional ways of living off the land and their ways of respecting nature to protect the rainforest. Kindergarteners spent time illustrating and writing about their Yanomama discoveries. One of our favorite discoveries included the fact that the Yanomama don’t eat sloths!

Squashing ANTS!

During our Minds Up lessons this week, students discovered that sometimes when things feel challenging or scary, our brains might send A.N.T.s (automatic negative thoughts) to our minds. Kindergarteners shared times when they have experienced A.N.T.s (automatic negative thoughts). Students learned how to identify when they might be having A.N.T.s and discovered strategies for helping to “squash” those A.N.T.s. Once self-defeating talk is identified and eliminated, the hope is that students may overcome hurdles that could be stopping them from moving forward and doing their very best!

Important Dates:

  • Sunday, May 15th – TCS Family Picnic @ Magnolia Plantation
  • Thursday, May 19th- Study Trip to Ashepoo Plantation
  • Monday, May 30th-Memorial Day (No School)
  • Tuesday, May 31st-Publishing Party @ 10:30
  • Thursday, June 2nd-5th Grade Graduation (11:30 Dismissal)
  • Friday, June 3rd-Last Day of School (11:30 Dismissal)