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Sonnets, Lunch Buddies & Confident Classmates!


Fifth Graders moved on to England in their world study of poetry this week, and they turned their focus to one of the greatest poets of all time, Shakespeare! After settling in with a geography lesson and some background information about Shakespeare himself, your readers spent the week studying Romeo and Juliet. We discussed how this play is written in dramatic text, intended to be performed. It also was written in Old English, and therefore we read a kid-friendly version. Throughout our study, your poets learned about comedy vs tragedy, identified stock characters, analyzed the theme, and wrote a summary. Students put on their Shakespearean hat and wrote sonnets and published them to the class. On Thursday, we wrote a script and performed it! Ask your child what they thought about this age-old love story!

Poetry Partners & Lunch Buddies

This week, each one of your kind leaders was paired with a Third Grade student!  They were paired to edit and revise their poems for Pass It On. Buddies also read poetry and wrote a poem together. 5th Graders enjoy mentoring the younger students, sharing their knowledge of poetry skills. 5th and 3rd Graders ate together during lunch and discussed their plans for Spring Break!



This week students were introduced to the trimester socio-emotional skill: confidence. Students watched a Kid President video, brainstormed how confidence feels and wrote a definition in their own words. Students journaled about one experience when they felt confident. Students wrote letters to classmates to boost their confidence with the power of words. Students created SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based) goals to accomplish before the end of the year to feel confident for middle school.  Ask your child their SMART goals are for the end of the year?


Students enjoyed reviewing their vocabulary by playing Charades on Thursday! 


Important Dates

Friday, March 30th                            Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                             Return from Spring Break

Tuesday, April 10th                           Study Trip to African Dance and Drumming Performance