The Cooper School Daily

Spectacular Scholars!

Budding iPad Technologists:

Fourth Grade technologists have become more comfortable using their iPads for Rocket Math and researching specific information for our Social Studies Unit. Our scholars enjoy the opportunity to expand their knowledge via technology, which is right at their fingertips. We provide specific websites that are user friendly, which provide critical information about Ancient Egypt and Greece. IPad usage in our classroom creates endless learning possibilities that are appropriate for children. Please ask your child about the benefits of using their iPads for research and for Rocket Math. 

Cursive Success:

Our students are becoming strong, articulate writers, which ultimately builds a strong foundation for reading and communicating. Students have been excited to practice their cursive skills through Cursive Success. The value of learning cursive enables our Fourth Graders to integrate fine motor dexterity, visual and tactile information. Please ask your child to write a few sentences in cursive. You’ll be amazed! 

Spectacular Spelling:

Fourth Graders have created a routine when it comes to learning their spelling words each week. Not only do our spellers sort their words in specific order at the beginning of the week but they use creative ways to help prepare for their weekly assessments. 4th Grade learners have used their words to create colorful comic strips, word scrambles, codes and small group activities. Each student has their own spelling folder, which gives them a sense of ownership and accountability. Please ask your child about their favorite spelling activity.

Important Dates: 

Thursday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival  (10:00 am-11:30 am)

Monday-Tuesday, 11/11-11/12 Parent Teacher Conferences 

Tuesday, 11/12 Grandparents Day (10:00am-11:30am)