The Cooper School Daily

Spectacular Second Graders


Second Graders have been practicing their opinion writing with letters recommending some of their favorite books. Scholars have written letters to friends in the classroom, siblings, teachers, and friends in other grades. Through this writing Scholars have exercised skills such as expressing opinions and hooking a reader.

Social Studies

Scholars have started their Charleston Settlers Study and have been discussing the actions of King Charles II, and how he sent 8 representatives to govern the Carolinas and never actually stepped foot in America. Scholars had an opportunity to act out these events and see first hand all of the hard work the representatives and lower class workers put into creating the first European settlement in South Carolina.

Finger Knitting

Second Graders have loved finger knitting this week! We’ve seen bracelets, necklaces and scarves around the classroom. Through finger knitting, Second Graders are building their dexterity and strengthening the small muscles in their hands. Ask your Second Grader what they have been finger knitting this week! 

Important Dates:

December 16: 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade Movie Night (5pm-8pm)

December 17th – Pajama Day- Holiday Extravaganza (10:30) 11:30 Dismissal 

December 20- January 3: Winter Break