The Cooper School Daily


Speedy Spelling!

Fourth Graders participated in a thrilling spelling activity outdoors this week. Our spectacular spellers lined up in their Word Work groups and waited for their teachers to yell start. Each team member would race to a slate, which was set on the bench and we would give them one of their weekly spelling words to spell correctly. Once the word was written down, they would race back to the line and the next speller in their team would run to the slate for the next word. Our scholars showcased sportsmanship by cheering and clapping for their teammates and shook hands with their opponents at the end of the game. Please ask your child, which words of encouragement they used during this amazing spelling race.


Paws for Panda’s!

Our scholars couldn’t resist the adorable Panda’s who graced the cover of this week’s Scholastic News, titled, “Can One Panda Save The Species?” Not only did 4th Graders enjoy reading about preserving the Panda population, but they also sharpened their reading comprehension skills by identifying key words in the text. Students were then encouraged to write a brief synopsis of what they read. They answered the News Review at the end of the piece to complete the challenge. Please ask your child about one fact they learned from reading this week’s Scholastic News!



Dream Big!

Our 4th Graders dreamed big this week as each artist was given the task of creating their own dream house, in Art class. Students brainstormed and drafted designs of their unique creations. Once their blueprints were complete, they eagerly moved to the next step, which was choosing materials to bring their ideas to life. Rulers, sharpie markers and pencils were just a few items artists chose for this creative challenge. 4th Graders designed elaborate dream houses and some created waterparks, hotels or  houses with water slides connecting to each level of the house. Please ask your child about the inspiration behind their dream houses.


Important Dates:

Monday, 3/14-Tuesday, 3/15 Student Led Conferences-Half Days

Saturday, 3/16- Spring Planting Party

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School