The Cooper School Daily

Spirited Second Graders!


Second Graders have started a new unit in math this week! Scholars have been working hard at reading and creating number lines. Second Graders worked with number lines by labeling each tick mark with the missing number and studying their number lines to ensure all numbers were appropriately spaced. Scholars exercised this skill by comparing number lines with their math partner and revising other number lines. 


This week Scholars have spent time collaborating with reading partners to practice rereading books in efforts to make their reading more fluent. Scholars started by reading a book to themselves, then they quietly read the book aloud to a tiny object they pretended to hold in their hand, finally, they read their book aloud to their reading partner. Scholars exercised skills such as rereading aloud in their head, scooping words into longer phrases, talking like the characters, reading with a “just right” pace, and making their voice match the mood of the story. 


In grammar this week Second Graders practiced using adjectives to describe different nouns. Together, we created a list of adjectives to describe our class pet, Henry. Some adjectives that Second Graders came up with included adventurous, chubby, spotted, colorful, wild, cute, adorable, and cool. Second Graders continued their practice by creating a list of adjectives that could be used for each kind of noun (a person, place, or a thing). 

Important Dates:

December 16: 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade Movie Night (5pm-8pm)

December 17: Pajama Day 11:30am Dismissal 

December 20- January 3: Winter Break