The Cooper School Daily

Spontaneous Third Graders !!!

Valentine’s Day

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Monday and it was a beautiful celebration of love and friendship. Students had the opportunity to distribute their compliment books and read all the wonderful things that were written on the compliments they received.   

Classroom Social

On Thursday Third Grade scholars enjoyed an afternoon “social” playing games and socializing. Scholars had so much fun playing their favorite board games and with some of their favorite toys. Some scholars even learned how to play some new board games from their peers. Scholars also got to enjoy delicious pizza and ice cream while playing. 


Third Graders spent the week writing and revising their speeches for their Asia presentations. Students have been researching topics for about two weeks and have been excited to put all of their knowledge into action. Third Graders created timeline cards for each of their topics, to place on our class timeline. This timeline will show each of their topics, when they were introduced, and when they began to shape Chinese culture. Third Graders were very excited to begin crafting artifacts for their presentations! 

Important Dates: 

  • February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)
  • March 4 – Asia Presentation – 2:00 Pm
  • March 7th & March 8th – Self Assessment Conferences – (Half Days)