The Cooper School Daily

Spooky Second Graders!

Social Studies

Second Graders have been hard at work this week, preparing for their upcoming presentation on the Polar Regions and the Inuit people. Scholars started building a replica of an igloo using sugar cubes and glue, this gave Scholars insight into how meticulous the Inuit people have to be when constructing their igloos. Scholars discussed how igloos help protect the Inuit people from predators as well as extreme weather conditions.


Scholars started their unit of measurement this week, the class enjoyed using yarn, straws, centimeter cubes, and rulers to measure various objects. Scholars practiced using the unit of centimeter to compare and contrast the length of reptiles and stacked cubes.

Halloween Centers

Second Graders had a blast celebrating Halloween with friends in the classroom. Scholars participated in Halloween centers where they measured straws to create skeletons, they also used geometric shapes to build a bat, and a fun treat awaited them at the graphing center with skittles! Lastly, Scholars also took part in reading various Halloween themed books and writing what they would do if they were invisible for a day. Ask your Scholar which Halloween center was their favorite! 

Important Dates:

November 3: Picture Day

November 4: Polar Presentation 

November 8-9: Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30 dismissal)