The Cooper School Daily

Spooky Week

Wrapping Up An Exciting Pumpkin Unit

This week, Kindergarten pumpkin experts shared all of their pumpkin knowledge with Kindergarten families during our beautiful Pumpkin Feast! This festive event was truly special for Kindergarteners, as they have been working quite hard to prepare their pumpkin facts, create a unique pumpkin necklace, learn pumpkin songs, and practice speaking in front of an audience. Kindergarten pumpkin experts did a fabulous job sharing all they know about pumpkins! Parents did a lovely job supplying a fabulous spread of pumpkin foods, and we thank you!

Halloween Carnival

Kindergarteners were thrilled to participate in their 1st Annual Halloween Carnival. Kindergarteners lead our costume contest in which they paraded around the backyard showing off their costumes. Kindergarteners were then free to participate in the various Halloween booths that were created by the lovely Fifth Graders. These included a Cake Walk, Haunted House, Tattoos, Face Painting and many more…. TCS students got together at the end and received prizes for their costumes. It was fun for all!

Snap Words

This week kindergartens learned all about snap words.We focused on “the,a,and me”. Kindergartners are able to now point out these words while reading.The importance of snap words are an essential part of learning to read. These words cannot easily be sounded out or illustrated, so it is important that our kindergartners be able to recognize these words.


Important Dates

  • Monday, November 12- ½ Day- Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday,November 13- ½ Day- Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday, November 20- ½ Day- Harvest Feast