The Cooper School Daily

Spring Break!

Pom Pom Flowers

This week in centers second graders are working on their hand and motor skills. In the spirit of spring, students are creating pom pom flowers. However, in order to create the pom pom students use tweezers to place the pom pom on the paper. Using glue and tweezers students are working on their hand and motor skills to create people flowers to be put up around the classroom.

Practicing our Three Digit Numbers!

This week in math we are finishing up our unit. Students have been working so hard to learn many different strategies to add and subtract three digit numbers. This week students had to walk around the classroom finding friends to subtract with. Comparing their numbers they used the many skills they have learned to subtract both of their numbers. So impressive for second graders!

Where I Live Poems

This week in centers students are writing poems about their homes. Using all of their knowledge from writing poetry, students began writing their own poems. These poems included descriptions of their homes, how they feel in their homes, and the memories that are made in their homes. Students are learning that a poem can hold a lot of emotion. To complement their poem, students drew a picture of their home next to their writing.

Important Dates

April 3-10: Spring Break – No School