The Cooper School Daily

Spring Break Is Here!

Poetry Centers

Second Grade Poets practiced reading and writing poetry through various centers in the classroom. Centers included Illustrate a Poem, Poetry Window, Reading Center, Listening Center, Flame Light, Haiku Center, Poetry Museum, Line Breaks, Illustrate a Line, and Poetry Puzzle. In these centers Second Graders were inspired by different themes to write poetry, and they worked together to fill in missing pieces of published poems. Check in with your Second Grader to see which center they enjoyed most!

Math Centers

This week in math, Scholars had a chance to play three new stages of some favorite math games. With their math partners, Scholars played Five In A Row, Greatest Of Them All, and Get Your Numbers In Order. Through these games Scholars were able to practice various strategies to add three digit numbers. 


Second Graders took a closer look at two new earth materials; sand and clay. Through exploration, Second Graders discovered that silt separates itself from sand when settled in water. Second Graders went on to discover an even smaller particle, when they mixed clay with water and let it sit overnight. Ask your Second Grader which material was their favorite to explore!

Important Dates:

March 28-April 1: Spring Break