The Cooper School Daily

Spring Has Sprung!

Little Poets
Kinder poets were thrilled to dive deep into the reading and writing of poetry this week! Students spent time identifying rhyming words in poetry they read and adding rhyming words to poetry that they wrote. They discovered that rhyming words help to create rhythm in poetry! These brave readers and writers learned that poets can use special sound words called onomatopoeia to make their poems interesting and fun to read! 

New View! New Seats!
Can you believe that we have entered our third trimester of school? Cooper School tradition is to get new seats in the classroom each trimester to gain a new perspective in their learning. Students were thrilled to enter the classroom and hunt for their new seats. Kindergarteners couldn’t wait to start adventures with new table partners!

Cooper Village
This week, Kindergarteners got the opportunity to scope out Second Graders’ Cooper Village project. Second Graders have been working hard to build a town of their own, considering the careers and contributions of each of its members that allow it to function. Older students pieced together the entire Cooper Village, complete with a school, hospital, grocery store, as well as many other essential businesses. Kindergartners were excited and inspired to see the work of their peers and siblings as they are beginning constructing biome buildings of their own!

Important Dates:
March 29th – April 5th – Spring Break (No School)