The Cooper School Daily

Spring is here!

Spelling Hangman

This week in Spelling we’ve decided to bring in an old fashioned game from the past: Hangman! Fifth Grade spellers got in their Spelling groups and played an exciting round of Hangman at the board. This is a fun way for students to think about their spelling patterns and strategize what letters they should choose next in the game to spell their words correctly.


This week we have been studying the Haiku style of poetry. This type of poetry is very structured. It usually features 3 lines and  a 5-7-5 syllable count for each line. Poets in Fifth Grade used cubes with a variety of different words on them to jump start their poetry this week. The cubes offer a theme for where to start, and then they provide many different words to use within the haiku. Many poets used these words as inspiration to continue their own Haiku poetry.

Tuesday Fun Outdoors

It’s been quite chilly this week, but Fourth and Fifth grade teammates still had a lot of fun outside for Movement on Tuesday. We played an exciting game of elbow tag! In this game, students form a big circle and link arms with one other person. One person is “it” and runs around the circle to find someone to link up with, the other person in that couple then has run and find another person to link up with before getting tagged by the person who is “it”. This has been one of the favorites to play during Movement, they’re even asking to play it again next week already.