The Cooper School Daily

Spring is in the Air

Poetry Reading and Writing
This week we enjoyed the sequel to Love that Dog, called Hate that Cat! The cat lovers in the class were ok because the main character, Jack, only hated “that” cat, not all cats. Students enjoyed reading another collection of narrative poems that gave insight into Jack’s life while examining the many poetry tools he learns about and uses. This book had us working with alliteration and onomatopoeia as well as similes and metaphors. The outdoor classroom was the best place for putting these writing tools into action. Third Graders have loved studying poetry, and have shown what tremendous poets they are!

Each unit of Math has an Explorations Lesson, in which students apply concepts they have learned to hands on activities that reinforce and extend their learning. This week, we tried something a little different in Third Grade where students got to respond to the Exploration on large paper at their tables. As the students rotated through the three tables for the different explorations, they were able to see what previous students had written. This included further challenges with the straws and twist ties, showing how they solved problems using pattern blocks, as well as creating their own word problems for their friends to solve. This interactive extension of Explorations was a hit and a great way to increase student writing about math.

After discovering that seeds will germinate with just water, students got to set up an experiment this week to see if the small sprouts will continue to grow with just water. Using a hydroponic set up, we transplanted our seed observations to a large basin of water with some powdered nutrients to see if they will continue to grow. This observation will require patience and observation. Once this was set up, students turned their attention back to seed disbursement. Using a few select materials and what was available in the classroom, students were given a challenge to make a seed better able to disperse away from the parent plant. From making it float to making it glide, students got creative as they tinkered ways to enhance their seeds. Then we got to try it out in the backyard! Some modifications were required, which proved how amazing nature is to do this on its own!

Important Date
Friday, March 30th Spring Break begins, No School
Monday, April 9th School Resumes