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State Presentations, Measurement, and Celebrating Roald Dahl

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This week Third Grade scholars had a chance to teach their classmates and shine brightly during their State Presentations. As a culmination of our State Study, students each created a state presentation to share with classmates. Each day this week, Third Graders learned about different states from their peers. It was an exciting week filled with discoveries and state snacks from all over the United States! State experts shared information about their state including the US region, capital, state symbols, landforms, major bodies of water, landmarks and fun facts.



MeasurementIMG_6679 IMG_6678

This week Third Graders reviewed and extended their work with US Customary and Metric unit measures of length, weight, and capacity. Students extended their knowledge of measuring 2-dimensional space into measurements of 3-dimensional space while exploring volume and capacity. Scholars were introduced to volumes of rectangular prisms through hands on investigations with their math groups. Next week we will continue to investigate measurement as we make discoveries about capacity and search for equivalencies between measures of capacity.

Roald Dahl

Third Grader readers wrapped up our Roald Dahl study this week. This has certainly been a class favorite! Scholars delighted in the reading of three of Roald Dahl’s unique novels over the past three weeks. Scholars enjoyed analyzing the various plots and characters in Esio Trot, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Twits, and Matilda during this study. Reading Roald Dahl has been a beautiful way to celebrate reading as we approach the end to an amazing Third Grade year!

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Important Dates

May 30th                                 No School – Memorial Day

June 1st                                   Last Full Day of School

June 2nd                                  ½ Day – Dismissal at 11:30 – 5th Grade Graduation

June 3rd                                  ½ Day – Dismissal at 11:30 – Field Day