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State Study, Fantastic Mr. Fox & The Fairytale News!

Third Graders have been eagerly awaiting their individual State Study projects! This week they turned in their top three choices and then received their assigned state. Scholars spent the week learning how to navigate a website to research and find specific information about their state. Third Grade students were able to locate a wealth of information about state symbols. They practiced reading to locate information about the geographic landforms of their state. Budding state experts started to organize information in preparation for their upcoming state presentations. Curious scholars have even continued their research at home! There is a buzz of excitement about Social Studies in Third Grade! Stay tuned as we continue to prepare for upcoming state presentations!

Students in Third Grade have been deeply engaged in an exciting Roald Dahl unit of study. Third Grade readers were thrilled to dive into our second Roald Dahl novel, Fantastic Mr. Fox, this week! In this witty gem, Dahl’s cunning character, Fantastic Mr. Fox, is on the run! The three meanest farmers around, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean, have joined forces to protect their livestock, and they have Mr. Fox and his family surrounded.  This exciting tale kept readers on their toes as they analyzed character feelings, tracked character feelings over time,  practiced paraphrasing and summarizing what they read.

Third Graders had the chance to show off their great talents during whole school morning meeting this Monday! After working on their Fairytale News Reader’s Theatre, Third Graders were eager to share their hard work with an audience and this time finally came on Monday morning! Third Graders had themselves ready with self-chosen props and costumes, complete with funny accents to help them really get into character! The Cooper School student audience delighted in this witty skit about fairytale characters in humorous news clips. After Third Graders performed their skit, they received thoughtful and positive feedback from their audience in true Cooper School form!IMG_1245IMG_1243