The Cooper School Daily

Staying Cool in Kindergarten

Biome Business
This week, Kindergarteners dove head first into our four biomes of study. Students explored the flora and fauna of each biome, as well as the weather conditions that allow for life there. Students could not wait to share all that they knew about the Wetlands, Desert, Rainforest, and Polar biomes. Using what we know about these biomes and what we know about clothing, students brainstormed a list of items that would be beneficial in each area! Students discussed all of the ways they knew clothing could protect them from cold, sun, rain, animals, and more!

Addition and Subtraction Expressions
Students were excited to build their skills this week in addition and subtraction expressions. Students started the week by listening to story problems and identifying whether they were using addition or subtraction. They quickly leveled up to writing their own expressions and matching them to drawings. We were blown away by how brave Kindergarteners were to try new and trickier math work this week!

Parts of Nonfiction Books
This week, Kindergarten readers built on their understanding of nonfiction books and how they teach us information and facts. Scholars spent time taking a closer look at nonfiction texts to discover the different parts of these teaching books and how to use them. We noticed that most non-fiction books include a table of contents with words and page numbers. We examined how the words and page numbers can help us find certain information that we may want to locate. Kindergarteners noticed that most nonfiction books also include a glossary or  picture glossary to help the reader understand new words.

Important Dates:
February 3rd – 100th Day of School
February 14th – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo!
February 20th & 21st – February Break (No School)