The Cooper School Daily

Strike A Pose!

Biome Fashion Show
This week, Kindergarteners wrapped up their largest project of this school year. This year, Kindergarteners have studied buildings, biomes, and clothing. Our presentation gave students the opportunity to show off all that they knew about each subject and how they are all related. Students were divided into different biome groups, challenged to study and learn about the flora and fauna, and then left to put together clothes that would be appropriate for the conditions. Kindergarteners showed off all of their hard work at our Biome Fashion Show, with the homes they’ve constructed, murals they’ve painted, and outfits they picked out. We loved getting to see Kindergarteners strut their stuff while all of their older peers cheered them on!

Consonant Digraphs Wh- & Ph-
This week, Kindergarten scholars spent time investigating consonant digraphs wh- and ph- during our phonics time. Kindergarteners practiced paying close attention to what their mouths do when they make these sounds. They were so excited to discover that the wacky digraph ph- actually makes the f sound! These great listeners played games listening for words with the wh- or ph- digraph and then had to tell if they heard the digraph sound in the beginning, middle or end of the given word.

Head of School Celebration
This week, our very own Goldie was Head of School for a Day. Goldie got the opportunity to spend time with our administration team to learn all about Ms. Franci’s job and everything it entails. Kindergarteners could not wait for Goldie to return to our classroom and tell us about all of the exciting things she got to do as the Head of School. We were most excited to celebrate when Goldie, as Head of School, arranged for a popsicle party for our whole class!

Important Dates:
May 24th-28th- Spirit Week
May 31st – Memorial Day (No School)
June 3rd- Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30 Dismissal)