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Striving for Accuracy


Historical fiction is so fascinating!  This week, 5th graders finished reading a historical fiction novel based on a true story.  The story goes like this:  A native tribe called the Nicolenos lived on a small island off the southern coast of California.  In 1835, the Nicolenos were forced to leave the island after several brutal fights with Russian hunters left them with sparse numbers.  When they escaped the island, a young woman was left behind!  She remained on the island for 18 years by herself until rescued in 1853.  If you haven’t guessed yet, we are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  It is Scott O’Dell’s fictional account of what those 18 years were like for the Lone Woman.  Ask your child what they’re favorite part of the book was!


Each week, 5th graders participate in an array of activities to help them learn their new vocabulary words.  Your linguists illustrate each word, use each word in a sentence, act out the words, and play games.  This week we added a new game to our repertoire, called Guess the Word.  In this game, each student gets a secret word and has to hold it to their forehead so they can’t see it.  Other group members take turns giving the student clues as to what their word is.  As soon as everyone in the group is able to correctly guess their word, game over!  Ask your child about ways they could modify this game to make it more challenging.

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Striving For Accuracy

This trimester TCS students are focusing on striving for accuracy.  To introduce this concept, students brainstormed times in their life when being accurate is important.  At first, most ideas were related to school, such as answering math questions correctly and reading words correctly.  As we continued to think, we realized that there are many times outside of school when we need to be accurate as well.  Students said being accurate was important during a soccer game, while baking, when giving directions, and when counting allowance money.  In the coming weeks we will turn our focus on strategies to help us strive for accuracy in our lives!