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Strong Second Graders!

Book Nominations

Second Graders have worked hard these past couple of weeks writing various book nominations for different awards such as Best Book Overall, Best Illustrations, Best Character Overall, and Funniest or Silliest Book. Second Graders nominated a book of their choice for one award, then used persuasive writing to justify their book for an award. Students then took some time to read each nomination and cast a vote. Congratulations to our winners! 

Best Book Overall- Katya

Best Illustrations- Laura

Best Character Overall- Fiona

Funniest or Silliest Book- Frieda

Social Studies

This week scholars had the opportunity to speak with meteorologist Rob Fowler from WCBD News. Rob told the class about his experience with Hurricane Mitch and how it encouraged him to take an interest in weather. Scholars learned how to read a water gauge as well as the process of sending out a weather balloon to send back information about the weather. Ask your scholar what they enjoyed most from our meeting with Rob Fowler!


This week’s words were pulled from Cari Best’s Montezuma’s Revenge, a story about a dog’s plan for revenge after the family leaves him home alone while they go on vacation. Second Graders responded to different scenarios and came up with different body movements to review the words regret, mesmerized, misery, revenge, coax, and frustrated. 

Important Dates:

February 1: Middle School Information Session (6pm-7pm)

February 21-22: February Break