The Cooper School Daily

Strumming into Week 7

Photos : Students are showing off the ukulele skills they have learned in our Tuesday music class with Mr. Noodle!  

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies, our Egyptologists took a deep dive into the gods and goddesses that were commonly worshipped in Ancient Egypt.  We learned that “Seth” was the god of the sky and thunderstorms.  We learned that “Bastet” was the goddess of cats, and “Thoth” was the god of the moon, writing and learning!

SEL (Social Emotional Learning): This week students discussed strategies to create positivity in their own day, as well as creating positivity in another student’s day.  Some suggestions included inviting a new friend in your cohort to play, smiling (even with a mask on, you can feel their friendship), and asking another friend how their day was.  

Reading Workshop: This week, students learned that there are four major parts to studying myths. Myths always contain a variety of characters. Some are good (heroes) and some are bad (villains). There might be magical creatures and monsters in the story as well as superhumans, powerful people and gods. The setting usually takes place in a time long ago in an amazing place that is based on a real location. The plot contains an epic adventure or journey. The purpose of myths is that they are meant to teach a lesson on how something in the world came to be!  

Friendly Reminder: Please make sure to send your student to school with their homework folder each day.  

Important Dates: 

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)

October 20- School Picture Day

October 30- TCS Halloween Celebration! 11:30 am dismissal