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Students Rocked Bird Study Presentations!!!

Bird Study Presentations


Tuesday morning, brave scholars displayed confidence as they shared their Bird StudyDressed Up Presentations to a room packed with friends and family. Children proudly discussed their bird’s habitat, unique characteristics, and adaptations. Some students even dressed like their avian friend. After the formal presentations were completed, students showed off their realistic bird drawings, dioramas, woven feathers, bird masks, bird’s wingspan versus their own arm span and their bird sculpture. It was quite a sight to see and a fantastic way to wrap-up our bird study unit.  


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens


Immediately following the presentation, Second Graders loaded the bus for Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Students stopped by the petting zoo, only to briefly catch a glimpse at an American Kestrel and Great Horn Owl. Then they rushed to the boating dock where they took a boat ride through the brackish water. Observant students spied several alligators lurking in the water. Bird enthusiasts were excited to spot several Great Blue Herons camouflaged along the shoreline. The highlight of the study trip came when students boarded a personal tram ride. The guide managed to point out several of the student’s favorite birds including Wood Ducks, an Osprey, and numerous Snowy Egrets. It was a day full of excitement for everyone involved!


Mystery Readers


Every morning, Second Graders have transformed into detectives as they try to determine theMR Mystery Reader of the day. To their surprise and delight, Fifth Graders have been visiting the class this week as the anonymous reader. Each Fifth Grader has written three clues about themselves. When the students arrive at school, they read the Morning Message with the listed clues and four possible choices of Fifth Graders to choose from. Second Graders can barely wait to see if they guessed the right Fifth Grader. Once the Mystery Reader is revealed, students are thrilled to listen to a familiar friend read one of their favorite stories.


Important Dates


May 30th                                 No School – Memorial Day

June 1st                                   Last Full Day of School

June 2nd                                  ½ Day – Dismissal at 11:30 – 5th Grade Graduation

June 3rd                                  ½ Day – Dismissal at 11:30 – Field Day