The Cooper School Daily

Studious Second Graders

Social Studies

Second Graders continued their research on natural disasters this week, investigating what causes hurricanes and earthquakes. Using helpful websites and other resources, Second Graders discovered what great damage these natural disasters can cause as well as helpful strategies to prevent harm. 


Scholars have worked on expanding their knowledge on place values, specifically towards three-digit numbers. Scholars learned that each digit in three-digit numbers represents amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones. Together with their math partner, Scholars read and wrote three-digit numbers in different forms, including base-ten diagrams, number names, unit form, and expanded form. 

Russian New Year

Second Graders had the honor of welcoming Miss Oxana into our classroom to share common traditions that are celebrated in Russia during Christmas time and the New Year. Second Graders even had a chance to have a snowball fight outside! Miss Oxana shared a fun tradition of gift giving and each Second Grader was given a golden spoon. Be sure to ask your Second Grader about some of the Russian foods, such as the salad cake!

Important Dates:

January 17th- MLK Day (No School)