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Studious Third Graders !!!!


Third Graders have continued to learn a lot of exciting information about Asia.  This week, we focused on the people of Mongolia. We learned about the clothes that they wear, the transportation they use, their cultural celebrations, and the food that they eat.  We have been gathering information from books to complete our culture cards on these various topics. We are so excited to learn about several cultural topics in China that will help us see the change that has happened over time within their country.


Readers were excited to start a novel length Asian folktale, The Magic Paintbrush. They learned to pay attention to the relationships between the main characters, they also made predictions about the story, and developed deeper theories about the characters by looking at their actions. Readers got to discover the magic that is the paintbrush and see the adventures that Steve goes on throughout this beautiful story. 

Special Guest  

Third Graders had the honor of welcoming Miss Oxana into our classroom to learn about Kazakhstan. Miss Oxana shared some interesting facts and sights of Kazakhstan. Scholars learned a traditional dance of Kazakhstan and were able to hold a national string instrument also. Third Graders even had a chance to have a snowball fight outside! Be sure to ask your Third Grader about some of the Kazakhstan foods, such as the Kazakh breaded dough balls and tea.

Important Dates:

  • February 20-21- February Break (No School)