The Cooper School Daily

Studious Third Graders !!

Dock Street Theater 

On Wednesday Third graders went to the Dock Street Theater to see the magnificent play “Charlotte’s Web”. Students were so happy to sit “up top” and in the front row to watch the play. Charlotte’s Web was so amazing and the actors really brought the characters to life. Third Graders watched with amusement and curious eyes. Ask your child what part of the play was their favorite!  


Continuing with our poetry unit, students spent the week building their poetry portfolios. Third Graders continued to discuss poetry tools like repetition, rhythm, and alliteration and spent the week applying it to their writing. Some began composing poems based on their newly discovered tools, while others have taken the chance to revise past works. We are so impressed and enthralled by our poetic Third Grade class! 

Structures Of Life

This week in science we focused on the germination of seeds. Scholars learned about the seed coat, cotyledon, and the embryo. Third graders even got to do an experiment which we will follow over the next few weeks. Scholars got their very own lima bean and will watch it grow and sprout in a bag. Third graders learned that their seed will need water, sunlight and air to germinate. We can’t wait to see how our seed grows!

Important Dates: 

  • March 24th – 3rd grade, 6th grade & Kindergarten Artist of the month (8:15 am- 9:00) 
  • March 28th -11:30 Dismissal
  • April 3 -10 -Spring Break (No School)