The Cooper School Daily

Summer Break Here We Come!!

Saying Goodbye to our Fifth Grade Buddies

On Tuesday morning, we had the opportunity to get together with the rest of the school to watch the Fifth Graders practice their special performances for graduation. Kindergarteners delighted in hearing their friends sing various songs, play instruments, read poems, and share their artistic abilities.

On Thursday, Kindergarteners had so much fun playing with bubbles, taking pictures, playing games, and enjoying treats while celebrating our fabulous Fifth Graders. It was a great party.

We Have Word Power

Kindergarteners have been busy all year learning lots of new words every week during our vocabulary curriculum. Since the beginning of the year, your kindergartener has learned a total of 131 words to expand their vocabulary in speech and in their writing. This is amazing and we hope that they take this new knowledge, put it into their hippocampus and have it for a lifetime. Ask your Kindergartener what their favorite vocabulary words were.

Fourth Grade Buddies

On Wednesday, we paired up with our Fourth Grade buddies to read books outside under the trees. It was a beautiful peaceful morning of reading and sharing stories with friends.

Fourth Grade buddies then ate lunch together, played Thunder Tag, and Kindergarteners got to show their Fourth Grade buddy a special game or activity that they love the most. Kindergarteners loved bonding with these buddies and are thrilled for them to be Fifth Graders next year.