The Cooper School Daily

Summertime Soliloquies

The end of a school year is often busy and stressful, but yet full of reflection. As my first year here comes to a close, I find myself singing soliloquies of reflection and gratitude when I’m on runs, driving to and from work, and cooking dinner. These moments of deep thought have given me the opportunity to express gratitude for this magical place, set my intentions for the summer, and create goals for next year. And so, I’ve asked a few students to write their own soliloquies of reflection and gratitude – because I truly believe adults can learn some of their most valuable lessons from the children around them.

Some notable quotes:

“My goal for the summer is to build stronger relationships.” – Jack Welle

“ I’m going to be brave and try every simulation at space camp.” – Tomas Bowden

“My goal for this summer is to REALLY rest.” – Miles Beightol

“My goal for next year is to make the most of next year – this school is so special to me.” – Jah’Mere Wenzel

It’s really so impressive that our middle schoolers can have moments of deep thought like this. I feel so confident in our students that they’ll get exactly what they need from this summer, and hope they’ll continue to sing soliloquies of reflection and intention.


Important Dates:
May 13th-16th: 8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
May 14th-17th: 5th Grade GRP Trip
May 24th: Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 27th: Memorial Day (No School)
May 30th: 11:30 Dismissal & 8th Grade Graduation
May 31st: Field Day & 11:30 Dismissal