The Cooper School Daily

Sun, Moon, and… Journalism!


4th grade jumped into several new units this week, one of the most anticipated being science’s Sun, Moon, and Stars. On Monday, students filled out their “Knows and Wonders” about astronomy, while Miss Julisa read them a chapter about the sun. They were familiar with gravity and the planets, but were curious about how the Earth rotates on its axis while also revolving around the sun. The 4th graders were so excited to understand what kind of projects they would get into and how they could be extra hands-on with this unit, so we know it’s going to be a great one!


4th graders quickly moved into their journalism unit this week as well. They witnessed and reported on a shocking event that happened on Monday, as teachers collaborated to put on a show for the students. They learned exactly what it means to be reporting live on the scene as a key witness! Our journalists discovered the importance of getting all of the facts, including the date, time, and all people involved. Be sure to ask your reporter to give you the scoop on what’s happening in 4th grade!


Finally, 4th grade is wrapping up their reading unit over the book series, Julian’s World. They have learned how to identify the plot, setting, conflict, and resolution by taking note of the characters’ actions, relationships, moods/feelings, and patterns in each story. These intense reading skills help them cultivate new ideas and make connections beyond the single story they’re reading. 4th grade has enjoyed their time with Julian and his friends, but they are definitely ready to move on to our Sci-Fi unit with The Green Book!

Important Dates:
October 17th-18th – Fall Break (No School)
October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 1st – Teacher Workday (No School)
November 7th-8th – Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)
November 18th – Harvest Festival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 21st-25th – Thanksgiving Break (No School)