The Cooper School Daily

Sun, Moon, and Stars

Photos Below: Fourth Graders establish cardinal directions in the classroom to determine where the sun sets and rises. This is an important activity to kick off their Sun, Moon, and Stars unit of study.  


Fourth Grade scholars began an exciting new science unit on Monday called, “Sun, Moon and Stars!” Our week began by making outdoor observations of what we see in the sky, particularly focusing on the Sun, Earth’s star.  Students focused on establishing the cardinal directions in order to determine where east and west were located in proximity to the compass facing North. This was a strategy to measure where the sun rises and where the sun sets.  Students measured this by tracking the placement of the sun at different points of their school day by returning to the very same spot.  They journaled these entries to measure their collected data and make comparisons!

Social Emotional Development

This week students have been trying new activities to recognize the positives they observe in other classmates throughout the day.  One of the activities our class participated in was a Morning Meeting game that started by randomly choosing a name in our class out of a cup of names.  As a student, your job was to silently observe or “spy” on your classmate throughout their school day, during class activities and outside play to see what you noticed.  At our Close of Day meeting, the teacher called on each student to share who they “I-Spied” throughout the day.  Students shared positive recognitions about their assigned classmate to the whole class. This resulted in a classroom full of smiles and warm gratitudes.  

Blessing Box Update

This past weekend, 4th Grade teachers took all of the blessing box donations to be distributed to a blessing box that was identified as a high priority need location.  As we filled it with the items lovingly donated by Fourth Grade families, we are reminded of the collaborative, generous community that TCS families create.  Thank you for helping our class put their service ideas into action!  

Important Dates: 

March 29th-April 5th- Spring Break